Idling ?.

Hopalong Owenees, Lightening Rodto Everyone

To all the divinities out there !

I was peacefully watering/weeding my garden, talking and looking at what poisons I should plant for an hour or two when I type lessons, and realise to my horror they have shot from 30 to 1 !!!!

I was wondering if a god thought I was idling and killed them because I literally KNOW I had around 30 before I started as i was saving up, as that is around 12 hours play I am not a \"happy bunny\" to say the least

I never received no message that I can see, so if a divinity did indeed remove them thinking i was idling, (which i wasn't but believe to be the most likely explaination for their disappearance) would it be possible to have them back ?

The tortured and much singed Owen.....

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1044.