Boris Bodkin of Springdaleto Everyone

I would like to add my support to Jack Strongbow's position regarding the use of triggers.

I spend a lot of my time collecting commodities, but as a non-pacifist I must be on my guard at all times. I use triggers for most labours activities, but remain vigilant throughout. As intelligent Avalonians we will use any means at our disposal to i

mprove our life here, and if that means saving a few button presses, and saving some time by using triggers so be it.

If this is seen as unacceptable by the gods, then it is for them to modify our working environment to amend this problem. Making an example of one person without clarifying exactly what is and what is not acceptable practice will change nobody's labou

ring practices.

I would like to stand up side by side with Jack and accept divine disfavour for my use of triggers, but not idling, if that is the gods' will. Orthwein, by his own admission has \"very little time for pacifists\" (Fighters 1734). Comments from other god

s may help to clarify the situation.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midsummer, in the year 1044.