Sederien, Curator of the Wildwoodto Everyone

This is a little long, I'm sorry.

This post is up for the benifit of old and new players alike.

Although in the distant past I have been guilty of this myself, I have changed my ways. But as long as I have been a player idling has been unacceptable in Avalon!

Today at about 10:30 or 4:30 in the UK, I witnessed a very impressive programmer at work. His tale is told below:

Jack Strongbow had come and gone from Mallibett's resting place quicker than I could say \"Grithgrarock! \" But I had grown used to this when he was playing, as it would happen quite often, so the race was on to get to one mine.

I went as fast as I could with macros on horseback and when I got there Jack had beaten me to it. I was about to congratulate him before I found that he had already mined 13% in the measly 23 seconds it took me to get there.

This, however, was understandable, but I was curious as to how he got there that fast.

I said, 'Hello,\" and waited for the usual reply. None came. I said it again 3 minutes later. None came. So I desided to wait till the mine was complete.

Minutes passed and he was still unresponsive. When the mine finally completed I said it again. Still no response. So I went inside and waited, only yo find that Jack continued to mine with no notice of me.

He mined all the iron, looked about, and excavated the next section. I said hello at this point again. No response.

This continued for not 1, not 2, but 3 full locations. I was impressed. that he had triggered himself so. Although I was very TICKED, because a complete idler just mined 23 iron in three locations,

and I now could only speculate how many mines he had taken idle when his character winged off from Mallibett as I greeted him.

At this point my ISP cut out and my only regret was not taking the mined iron as it fell to the floor.

Summed up:

1. This is a COMPLETE ABUSE of the benifits of pacifism or dp and makes me very angry whenever I witness it.

2. Abuse of the system (as Genesis previously mentioned about qq's) is BAD.

3. Don't idle!

- Sederien, (a very ticked) Curator of the Wildwood

Written by my hand on the 1st of Skyelong, in the year 1044.