me stripping.

Ok now please indulge me as to who I have stripped and I daresay i want them to come forward sir. I have never and I repeat never stripped anyone! Plus that aforementioned issue about adric and tzeentch yes I went into thakria and jumped adric so??

I did not attack Tzeentch until he attacked me sir. I even gave him a chance sir. So if you must falsely accuse someone do it to someone else. I mean really you talk about this and that and you still look for an exscuse to use against me.

As I see it you are just scared of my potential and are attempting to squash it! Well sir it will not work and that is to all of you

Each time you kill me and strip me it just makes me that much better and really I have been given a gift by your attentions! Come teach me more! Come make me stronger! Beware though for my day of Vengence will prevail over your ignorance!

Now I am just wondering what crap I can get out of you morons now?? Well lets see it, oh and Babidi I hope you soon pull your cranium from its orbital loop around Uranus! Oh wait that is your role isn't it?? Ok I'll leave that subject be.

Hmm I wonder if you can let me play my role instead of trying to tell me how to play it?? Or wait my role frightens you. Hurry get Arkamedius before he gets too big to pick on!!*rofl* Well bring it on! I can laugh at whatever you put out.

Now the question is am I laughing at you or at your future?

For the Greenwood!

For the Light!

For the end of innocence!

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Paglost, in the year 1044.