your lunicay.

That last post was full of irrelevant info sir. You want me to be polite so I am going to be polite sir. 1. Not that it is any of your business but I have alot of rl work this summer as the market in my line of work is picking up. 2. I play softball d

uring this time of year. 3. I never once said I was taking a break because of getting stripped sir. 4. I have killed you by myself on many occasions and evryone knows it so stop being Babidi's echo man.

And am well aware that my actions bring about recourse, but as every cause has an effect, every cause that has a greater effect is nullified or destroyed yes? So if I jump you or team you ooh big deal. You are like 2 times bigger than me so what. Does

n't stop me from ripping your heart out does it? Just like it doesn't stop you from organizing teams to strip people not just me now. Ok stripping is part of the game, tell me what is worse sir me being offensive or you being out of control damaging t

he playing time and money spent here by others in this world sir? Oh but your actions are always right and mine are always wrong right sir? Cause you are the theif from hell*rofl* I bet you'd kiss Lucifer's feet if you ever did get tossed into hell.

Ok now this is a role playing game I was playing my role and well I messed it up I'll admit it I have said and done some things I should not have, the question I ask is how many of you have done the same eh? Oh but you guys are so full of your self an

d obviously thinking you can run me down that you do not stop to read between the lines. Also remember the only time YOU have ever stripped me bad like today was because I let you. Plain and simple you were following me around wherever I went trying to

steal trying to strip. Who had to come save your butt today? Bab,Kiarn, yeah how many times did kiarn save you rbutt from my claws?

Oh well have fun sir toranaga I look forward to seeing you when I return sir.

For the LIGHT!

Written by my hand on the 20th of Springflower, in the year 1044.