and toranaga.

Ok first Babidi you were JUST watching?? Yeah fricken right! You sung me out of the trees approximately 1 minute after logging on. You then proceeded to sing other crap at me even giving me mitten fingers now I know Toranaga cannot do any of that or d

oes he still have minstrel skills?

Ok next drakath was not there it was Solan,Jhor,Zeni, plus the team of Toranaga and Babidi. I did not see Zerina maybe Kes mistook Zeni for her?? Anyways I must say that this experience is so far the worst one I have had personally. Thanks to Zeni's

strippings of before I have become better prepared for such actions.

Arkamedius clearing up the reeking crap strewn about by egotistical zealots.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Cloudburst, in the year 1044.