a shining wit is born?.

Ranger Jayamor Greenwood's Spiritto Lady Koyen

I agree with you about not making accusations without proof. You should be careful about what you say about the Gods. To intimate that the Gods assume seconds to be innocent until proven guilty as \"not only RIGHT but a FARE (sic?) thing\".

Now typically I think that spelling related posts and flames should be relegated to the spellers BB but this is semantic and shows a wit and cunning lacking in your earlier posts

Irony shows a whole new level of sophistication absent from your typical posts. Well done lady Cav. It is nice to see a second cav of powerful hono(u) r and cunning wit.

PS to all : the alternative spellings are just an attempt to stave off nasty replies which find there way to this board in the absence of a proper board for spellers to post to.

always pleased to see the dim put on a little shine.

With all my admiration, Jayamor.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Skyelong, in the year 1043.