Opps, sorry about that last post. I meant to type NO.

I keep logs of all my fights. We have fought exactly two challenges. In

the first one, I wiped the floor of the Greenwood with your furry body. In

the second, you ran into Mercinae when I got the better of you. I followed

you and was immediately set upon and killed by a number of your friends.

As that was my THIRD Mercinaian challenge in a row where I was teamed, I

swore to never again fight a challenge with a Mercinian. And I have not done

so since. This is a shame really because there are people like Fistandantilus,

Eowyn, Kaltron, and Filo who DO act honourably in fights. But I basically

don't trust Mercs anymore to fight a fair challenge.

I have never shyed away from a challenge with a peer who acts with honour. And

I have quite a winning record in that regard. Ask around.

And yes I do spend time in stockrooms. But then again, I can't sit in trees

or cat or flit around avalon and I don't stay DP. and I do comm work there

and take lessons there and admitedly hide there from people three and four

times my size who seem to fear me enough to want to kill me on sight. I consider

evasion to be a wise virture.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Springflower, in the year 1043.