Young Mercinaen Fighters!.

Umm Exqueeze me were you talking to us??? Hmm I don't think you were cuz I am hardly ever dp and never hiding in storerooms and I haven't EVER been a pacifist. Now yeah you are old and have skills to kill ppl that can't hit you because of bl so fricke

n what? I guarandamnteee you that us young merc fighters would kick the shit outta your young thak fighters every day and every night. So, I guess there it all is in a NUTshell splattered on your face eh?

Oh an people like Tukar that can't fight without a ccc*bah!* Aren't even worth the breath they were given to breathe. Yeah that's right tukie come and fight me without a mount without any ccc's and see how you do eh??? You can't can you!?*MUHA*

For the Light!

Written by my hand on the 17th of Springflower, in the year 1043.