Your posts.

I too would prefer that this discussion take place on the guildmasters

BB. But Catt chose to post his treaty revocation here, and it is here that

this discussion will end. I apologize for the length of this post but

hopefully it will be my last on this subject.

You for posted SOME of the verbiage from our treaties. Now let me

make a correction to your post. What you termed a \"clarification\" was

NOT a clarification of a treaty. It was a clarification of the agreements we

reached at a professional meeting (a meeting Catt chose to not attend,

instead sending Snowbird). That agreement included not only a no-stripping

rule, but also rules on potion charging and a pentacle item ban.

Snowbird, as you may recall, refused to agree to anything at that


Because Catt had not attended the meeting and had no opportunity to

accept the agreement himself, AND because you asked for clarification

on the no-stripping rule, I posted those three items on the guildmasters

BB and proposed they be incorporated into the existing no-guild-entry

treaty. In other words, I proposed an EXPANSION of the EXISTING

treaty that all four guilds had already signed and a CODIFICATION of

the agreement you, Mirrigold, and I had reached. Although three guilds

accepted it, Catt REFUSED to sign off on this expansion and, in fact,

posted a REJECTION of it.

Recently, Catt messaged me that his guild would observe a 7-day

pentacle ban, but he made no mention of the other two points (anti-stripping

and potion charging). Allanon messaged me telling me he was charging

for refills but he also made no mention of the anti-stripping rule. Catt

NEVER retracted his rejection. Catt NEVER posted his acceptance. As

such, the Artisan Guild still HAD NOT signed on to the extension.

We can be generous and say that the Artisans \"informally\" accepted the

pentacle item ban and potion charging, but they NEVER ACCEPTED

THE NO-STRIPPING RULE, formally or informally. This is why

Zenichiro WAS NOT prohibited from taking and hiding Catt's robes.

(Continued on next post)

Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1043.