Before you entered my guild, I had already pressed bb and was preparing to enter the bb I figured having prevented the traverses for 5 minutes I was ok to leave despite being 'under attack' and at that point I had to leave.


I traced Kalysta to resting room and in a panic pressed stop, got the runes on the floor which Im sure you would have otherwise removed, pilled out and had again started to enter the bb before you portalled to me and contined the attack. I again press

ed stop at this point, and moved rapidly to a field and dropped a pyramid. I had to leave quickly so I could only give you 10 seconds to find me, you didnt leave Sd square so I pressed bb again and entered the bb.

I had to leave rapidly for which I apologise, however as several can testify I have stayed and faced odds of up to 6+ against 1 in the recent display of thakrian teaming (which they dont do), I dont back off from fights once Im in them and at the time

I entered the bb, I prepared to enter from a pyramided location with no enemy inside 8 locations of me, It was a rapid exit for which, I have alraedy apologised but there was no-one actually with me when I did it.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Mournsend, in the year 1043.