Your post.

Loremaster Yairito Sir Yousuf

Although your post wasn't addressed to me, I feel the need to respond

as it deals directly with my profession (see the difference Kes?)

You make some very interesting points in your post. However, many of

the generalizations you cite are either slightly askew or only reflect

current guild memberships. As Tukar pointed out, there are and have

been fighting Alchemists and Craftmasters (certainly more in the recent

past than at present). There are also many non-fighting or PW

Loremasters and Artisans. All 4 guilds are fairly diverse in membership

attitudes and alignments.

As for a loremaster get together, 3 guilds have been trying to do this for

quite some time to discuss professional interests, etc but we have been

thwarted by the Artisan Guildmaster at every turn.

As for a new Parrian loremaster guild, I doubt seriously if either the

Craftmasters or Alchemists would be willing to uproot and move, even if

the Gods permitted such a thing. We tried to erect a Loremaster guild

chapter house in Parrius but were denied the right to do so. The

Artisans were denied the right to a chapter house in Springtown. And

Lord Apollo has made it clear in the past that the Parrian loremaster

guild IS the Artisan Guild.

Discussions with Parrian leaders and the posts they have made make it

pretty clear that Parrius is not opposed to the Artisans per se. Rather,

they are opposed to the Artisan Guildmaster and HIS attitude towards

the Parrian government. Look at his help file and you will see he has

had attitude problems with EVERY government that he hasn't

controlled. He has been ejected from different cities so many times, it is

said that he now keeps his luggage packed at all times.

So the problem is not a mismatch of city and loremaster alignments.

The problem is Catt.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Mournsend, in the year 1043.