Past Posts.

Commissioner Tukar, Godfather of Avalonto Everyone

Arthor your vote put me over the top by one. Hence i win, and Kes is officially the Avalon Idiot *gives Kes his Dunce Helm*

Yousuf -> Your post about the fighting LM's doesn't really work much. Can you name more than 3 fighting Artisans, Constantine moved over to them and I wouldn't call what Catt does as fighting. So I think that is dropped down to Allanon. The rest of

the Artisans are PW.

Kes _>

Fact 1) you're posting from the pool again. Fact 2) The parrian army and status is way above Thakria, how's that make parrius a suberb. Fact 3) I've increased the SOI a bit by 'stealing' it from merc (how you can get SOI with out stealing it, i'm not

too sure). Fact 4) You're the official idiot of Avalon. *puts etells on before being flooded with profanity*

Mirrigold -> To all of Zenichiro's enemies, everyone that isn't against him is his puppet. Don't worry about the dribble.

Yairi -> Well said

Orinoko -> How was the BB?

Tukar, waiting for the huggy flames.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 1043.