Loremasters, their treaties and the breaking thereof.

Sir Yousufto Everyone

No one seems to have pointed out the following yet, so I shall willingly and happily do so.

I will use the basic precepts of 'Good' and 'Bad' in this instance to mean those people who are pro-Mercinae ('Good') and those who are pro-Thakria ('Bad'). Yes, I know, there are good people in Thakria, and bad ones in Mercinae, but you get the spiri

t of what I mean, even if you quibble over semantics.

Now then, when it comes to fighting members of the Loremaster profession, the vast majority of them are either Bad and in the Loremasters Guild, or Good and in the Artisans Guild. The Alchemists and Craftmasters, as a rule, tend to be non-fighting goo


So, any treaty concerning Loremaster-professional ethical and moral behaviour and alliances have no real impact on the Alchemists and Craftmasters - they don't invade the Loremaster Guild, or attack its members, as a rule, so it makes no difference to

them. In fact, its beneficial to them to know that there non-pw members are not constantly attacked.

However, the Loremasters and Artisans tend to breed warrior-Loremasters. They do kill each other, invade each others terrotories et al. The Artisans traditionally are the Parrian Loremaster Guild, except Parrius swings between pro-Good and pro-Bad. Wh

en it is pro-Good, they love the Artisans, and all is wonderful. When it is pro-Bad, they want rid of them, since its hard to support Bad with all your cities potion-makers, rune-fashioners and item-chargers want to kill you.

Trying to find the ultimate cause of who is wrong, and who broke what treaty when between the Artisans and the Loremasters can get very sticky, since if they are not directly attacking each other, they are often involved on opposing sides of large mel

ees. Not only that, but traditionally there are a lot of emnities between the two, so the temptation will always be there for the less scrupulous members of either guild to transgress any treaties in place if they think they can get away with it.

The only real solution to all of this is to have a Loremaster get together where you decide that either the Craftmasters or the Alchemists will become the new Parrian Loremaster Guild, since no matter wether Parrius is currently pro-Good or pro-Bad th

ey will still supply their citizens and assist the city. In the meantime, the Artisans replace whichever Guild moves and remains the only true source of fighting Good-aligned Loremasters.


Written by my hand on the 4th of Mournsend, in the year 1043.