you may be right, but that doesn't make you the poster child of light.

Spout rubbish? my dear friend Kes, with what other words would I use? Obviously they are fitting for a man that has commited such vile actions against the artisans and avalon in general.

Tell you what Kes, you grant me citizenship into Mercinae. give me a seat of power and have me made a member of the Artisans. What's that you say, they don't want me? hrmm I wonder why not?

It can't be because I used my guild to attack a city that housed it from within?

Your right Kes, I have no right to decide who will be GM of any other guild other than my own, but I do have the right to determine the best course for the city I assist in leading.

Can you say the same thing?

Drasnia searching for the best prefix or suffix to describe my vile and evil actions.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Mournsend, in the year 1043.