Zenichiro's Thakrian suburb.

Sir Kes the Flashing Bladeto Loremaster Yairi

Funny how parrius has now come to be a Thakrian suburb (instead of a Mercinaen one). Yairi before you post

you had better get your facts right with regards to the Artisans guild and what zenichiro did to it and why.

Since you seem to beliebe everything a certain guildmember says, I would also suggest speaking with others who were

actually there before you make another stupied post with regards to the artisans guild.

Fact 1 - Zenichiro raised the artisans guild and stripped it with Thakrian and Parrian fighters to get the Long

night items and to try and wipe the artisans guild from the face of avalon, due to his hatred of them.

Fact 2 - Your guild is constantly stripped by the artisans which was another reason why zeni with his parrian army

decided to raise the guild which was under his own city protection.

Fact 3 - The SOI's pf parrius had not dwindled to nothing, they had a good portoon of avalon which was negotiated

with both SD and Mercinae at the time and for this we gave our friendship to them.

Fact 4 - Zenichiro and his armies of darkness have increased their SOI's by stealing them with force from the other

cities and not in a peaceful way.

Fact 5 Because of the ex Thak government in Parrius many parrians have left the city, knowing too well that they would

block east kicked out of the city if they didn't toe the line of evil.

Fact 6 - Check to see where the long night items are now (bet you one is in your guild).

Fact 7 - The LM's of Thakria have constantly broken every treaty laid down between the LM guilds, the biggest one

was when zeni raised the artisans guild (and a treaty was on at that time).

The most disgraceful, dishonourable and disgusting thing to ever happen in this land since I have been here

is for a city to raise a guild in it's own city, and this was done twice by zenichiro to the artisans guild.

And to Drasnia, don't spout rubbish with regards to the leadership of the artisans guild, your city needs to

pay that guild major compensation for your vile actions against it. You will never ever see the artisans guild

bend to your evil ways and you have no right what so ever to decide who should be the GM of any other guild

except your own.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Mournsend, in the year 1043.