Warrior Zakathto Sir Julian

I have known of you for a very long time and in that time you have never changed.

You still qq in almost every fight we have without exception, often to avoid shipping

by finding an animist some other time you log back in. Many of these occasions have been

witnessed by your fellow citizens, often those coming to help you.

Whilst a follower of Castigere, you would abuse the use of his temple, and now

as a follower of Xanthe you again abused temples until you were warned not too.

Now normally I would just put up with this, but your continued verbal attacks on other

players who despite whatever they do, do not resort to the actions you resort to have

forced me to post.

Until you fix your personality defects, and stop constantly qq-ing or sprinting to the

nearest temple, please refrain from verbally abusing others.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Eleuthral, in the year 1043.