Loremaster Yairito Lore-Assassin Constantine

You were apparently misinformed by your guildmaster.

On the 25th day of midsummer, in the year 1038, I posted the \"no

guild entry\" treaty proposalon the guildmasters BB (post #373).

Catt accepted that treaty on the 2nd day of paglost, 1038 (post #379).

You joined the Artisans on the 19 th of Midwinter 1042 so the treaty WAS

in force when you joined.

On the 17th of Midwinter 1042, I posted a treaty expansion proposal (post #386).

This expansion carried certian guidlelines for professional courtesy, and,

for lack of a better term, included a \"no stripping\" provision. Catt

REJECTED this expansion in post #391.

Bottom line, you WERE under a no guildhall entry treaty at the time of

your joining the artisans. If Catt failed to inform you of that fact, it

is simply another demonstration of his incompetence.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 1043.