I just find it funny you said \"our profession has held these treaties. \" Well at least maybe everyone else has, excluding you.

I'm sure you remember that fateful day when you jumped me whilst I was in my own city, and tried parleying me to drop my sword, but no I picked it up too soon so you tried spitting resik at me to drop it. No That didn't work so next you tried ordering

me to \"put sword on unicorn\" but silly intolerance stopped it, Then you just got frustrated and ordered me to lr melting to steal my robes. This would have been just fine except for the fact at that time I was an alchemist at the time and we had a sp

ecific NO Stripping Treaty.

Now you say taking robes isn't stripping, but in reality taking my robes is far more damaging then taking my sword. Since I can get another sword made easily, but without my robes i am restricted from fighting for the rest of the day. Therefore it is

stripping, and you knowlingly breached the treaty.

So then a few days later, you come back and strip my robes again knowing you can get away with it since you are the \"Great Zenichiro - Master of Breaking Treaties\". Well I'm sure you are very proud of yourself in this how you are one of the main reaso

ns I switched to artisans since of your constant abusal of these treaties, knowing I couldn't get back at you as long as I was an alchemist. Hmm well I'm sure your other guildmembers appreciate this as well, since I have been actively stripping them s

ince I no longer have to abide to those no-stripping rules, and I'm still just learning how to strip people.

armsmash zenichiro for the accusations of me and Catt breaking a treaty by going in your guild - The first day I was an artisan I asked Catt if there were any treaties I had to follow, and he said there were none. So if even Catt knew anything about i

t, what is this treaty we violated ? It's just bullshit - We don't have a real guildhouse right now so I do not see how we could possibly be counted in a treaty like that, which I thought only covered the other 3 loreguilds not counting ours.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Eleuthral, in the year 1043.