treaty continued.

Loremaster Yairito Artisan Catt

I would also like to point out to you (and you already KNOW this) and

to Kes (who probably doesn't know what day it is) that it is

impossible to actually STEAL lorerobes. They reset to the owner

after a fashion. Using this lorerobe excuse as justification for

breaking a treaty is utter nonsense and simply confirms the general

supposition that you are utterly incapable of separating personal,

professional and city issues.

This inability on your part explains WHY your guild has not been

welcomed back to Parrius. But I am confident that anyone, even you,

is capable of learning to think with his head and not with his gut.

I would be happy to entertain an offer of compensation from you

should you wish to reinstate the original treaty AND accept the

expansion I proposed. Once that occurs, we can proceed with the

important issues at hand.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1043.