Ephialtes and Erestria.

Aja of the Grizzly Clanto Everyone

I have spoken to both parties involved and this whole incident started with a misunderstanding and/or false accusation.

Ephialtes, you attacked a Merc cit within her walls. Regardless of why you did it, you have broken the law. Anyone who kills a Mercinaen within city walls is enemied to Mercinae. PERIOD. I say this to you as a Merc cit and not as a guildmate. (Luv ya

anyways, you little *mutter*)

You did what you did because you were attacked and threatened. I hold nothing against anyone who defends themselves against an attacker, but you should have been sure of who you attacker really was. The threats to you came after you dished out a few o

f your onw.

Erestria, you and he exchanged words. As the last few (hundred!) posts can easily point out to the both of you, threatening actions only gain the like in return. Not sure of the exact words used, but for future reference, choose your words wisely. (A

lesson many in Avalon had to learn the hard way). In your defence, YOU WERE FALSELY ACCUSED. Ephialtes was misinformed. The shot on him did come from your loc. But its my understanding that you were not there alone. And that whoever it was didnt come

clean. You didnt tell who, for whatever reason (i am NOT by anymeans questioning your loyalty) But turning over the real badguy in this matter might have helped the situation, maybe.

So with that said, I agree with Eowyn, there needs to be some apologies on both sides.


PS Ephi, I can show you an alternate route into Parrius without passing through Merc until your status is changed

Written by my hand on the 11th of Midwinter, in the year 1043.