Praetorian Arkamedius Headhunter of the GWto Everyone

OMG! Do you have any idea what R. P. G. Stands for? Role-Playing-Game!!! Not Race-Playing-Game not Racism-Playing-Game and this defiantely is not a save the damn whales game so lady stuff it! If you can't hack a role then drop it! If you can't handle av

alon then maybe you should ask for help?? I am sure the monks of Kenkria will be most helpful too you as they know quite well what insanity can do to a person. I am sure they will enjoy your female presence.

Anyways we are all tired of seeing crap on the bb that makes absolutely no sense to us, cause we are Avalonian's and we RULE!*grin*

(Arkamedius tearing his hair out and stuffing it in White's pouty trap)

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midwinter, in the year 1043.