Loremaster skills.

Brother Cimaresto Sir Duroc, Paladin

How many potions do you have Duroc? How many runes do you use? How many magical items are in your inventory.

Every single one of those is provided by a member of my profession. Every single one of them takes time and dedication to earn the skills and time and dedication to make them.

Why should we not restrict the use of one single item from our Skillset to aide ourselves. You still benefit from all our other skills.

For too long people have taken advantage of the willingness of the Loremaster profession to give of themselves. As a profession (well 3/4s of it) we decided to take a stance that started to right the balance.

Many years ago wurtfoil could be bought on the streets for as little as 20 gold, Restoring all your ship rides cost you only 200 gold. Wheres the furore about it being restricted now? It died away.

Hopefully the Ban will stay in place. I for one am fed up of seeing my skills used against me in combat by one not of my profession. Perhaps us loremasters should use our discharge skill a little bit more than we do.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Agamnion, in the year 1042.