Question for Springtown.

Healer Squirrelfish, Le Tenebreuxto Everyone

How it is I am in my tomb locked Springtown shop Storeroom (admittedly hiding from Babidi coz I am rusty and incompetent through not using my defence skills enough) when all of a sudden I hear a key turning in the lock?

I KNOW (go check folks) that only Myself and a dormant player have a key. So I evoke truesight and see Babidi ( I also heard his blastdoor attempt a few secs earlier) and Verlaine above in the shop. DOwn comes Babidi and the door locks. I am stuck. m

ore fool me ehh?

It is also Verlaine and Amadeus who smashed the sphere rune and bonded the stockroom earlier.

So Springtown, Do you have a non citizen (Babidi) governing your citizens (Verlaine and Amadeus) and guilds (Prophets both of them) and is it Ok for a Springtown Guild to attack one of their own cities shops?

If your governing citzens object to me running a fully stocked and cheap Herb shop in their town, all you have to do is ask me to leave.

I suppose it COuld be because the Locksmiths is listed as a Parrian shop?? Looking forwards to an answer before I stock it again...


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1042.