Druid Elysium, International Rescueto Shah Yousuf

I have never been a PW, it limits the help we can offer the little whos and the linkdead.

The spam was my self and someone casting teleportation, and the oil gushing from the shaft (a convienient resupply source for Babidi when forest firing - I have watched him burn 20-30 locs, run back to the storeroom and refil before burning another 20


I didn't realise Jhor followed me but of course I realised he HAD once I saw the somene casts a charm of teleportation messages. This is also why I did not realise Jhor was attacking Zerina - in fact he wasnt - his equilbriums were used making repeate

d pills, he never danced convergence while I was making pills.

Like most animists DEATH messages trigger a bright colour on my screen, making them obvious through scroll.

I had honestly never noticed the sea-strike bash messages until reading my log this morning, my eyes were tired which brings me to another point - why I pilled in when I did - simply this I was exhausted, it was 2:30-3 am my time so needed to refresh

them before logging off and trying to continue negotiating with Babidi the next morning.

As some of you know - Allanon and Arikarr spring to mind - I allow a 5 minute \"crime of passion\" window if I do something \"provocative\" e. g res someone, where I will accept attack - and even death without blacklisting (I will of course defend and run)

If Threap or Zeni had broken in, noone would bat an eye to them being slain and stripped, indeed not for they would have emptied the shop. I touched nothing.

This isn't a chicken and egg situation, Babidi's refusal to cease the TOTALLY unwarrented attacks on Animists is resulting in such unorthodox methods. What do you suggest Yousuf ? We refuse to kill, he refuses to cease killing us, he has been supplied

on 2 occasions with a blowpipe of Wurtfoil, what other options are left open ? He could have said OK, I'll stop to protect my wife and to protect ST property, he refused.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1042.