I am sorry Avalon for yet another post here, sigh tukar you have your tells off and I will kiss threaps Favorite demon in the mouth before I spend 5 coin on you.

I make no clame, to any of the knightly fruits you mentiond, shrug, that is not my place, I tell you that Eowyn has never been disloyal, and is a great asset. By the way, for a BANDIT you do seem to take up alot of your time trying to tell everyone el

se how THEY should be honorable... seems strange to me.

BTW the water in the pool is fine, but if you would step outside a bit more often I would gladly show you to your new permanent quarters on the ship... I am sure Carnonte wouldnt mind setting you up next to me.grin, but you seem so intent on pissing

off everybody, Now I may not like Zenichiro much but there is no doubt in my mind that he has singlehandedly bought more glory for parrius with the only coin he knows (blood) then you could with any of your skills. ever.

Personaly, I will try and not hunt you down in parrius, Some people there, even in your own govnt, are noble and over affable individuals, hell I call some of my counterparts there friends and would die for them. so all I ask of you is leave your sta

ves, (no need for suicide if you would leave them) and come and fight me I assure you my countenance, nobody will jump you right after the challenge at least no mercinaen.

It is to easy to say HEY im not a fighter. IM a Bandit, I remember a lot of good fighting bandits and some still live, (Damn you Plaman) but you never learned to fight for one reasone you are afraid of letting go, afraid to give yourself totally to t

he battle, to do it with intelligence and cunning (again I dont imbew myself with any of the afore mentiond qualities) instead you do it with trepidation.

Trepidation and instead of using alot of your other excellent skills you decide to drag me through the very staves you say gives me bloodlust. and you drag people out of the clouds with yank, and you do silly things like challenge and then qq, you ma

y hide behind your role all you want but let me tell you you are not half the bandit some of mercinaens are, actually if we see who has actually ripped more stuff off, we have some rangers who are better bandits.

As for my string of insults... meant every word. some would call them truth others wouldnt know quite what to make of being a wench's bastard, As for trying to insult me by calling me a mini-Kes, I dare say whatever can say, do or post is easily ign


If you want to reply just tell ME my tells are on. and so are my msgs.

Still waiting for that challenge, Dunccan.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1042.