Babidi vs the Animists.

Shah Yousufto Everyone

I would love to say that the Animists have my full support on this matter, and that the abuses of Babidi should not be tolerated, however, that is far to simplistic a view to take. That an Animist, by default, is innocent.

Allow me a moment to take apart the recent postings of Elysium here.

Elysium trusted Jhor not to follow when taking a pill to Babidi/Zerina's stockroom, and his sole intention was to simply refresh the pill.

Semi-afk Zerina died because Elysium failed to notice in all the spam that she was being attacked. Ok - so if Zerina is semi-afk, she is doing nothing, and creating no spam. How much spam came up Elysium's screen from making one pill? What was causing

the spam, and why is it that despite all this spam, Elysium was able to 'instantly' resurrect Zerina when she died? then - by Elysium's own admissions, Jhor took advantage of Elysium to gain an advantage which allowed him to kill Zerina. Now then, as Elysium rightfully points out, no-one but the Animists may dictate their own policy, but I do wonder, is d

eliberately abusing an Animist to kill someone cause for action on behalf of the Animists Guild against Jhor?

Elysium succintly absolves all guilt attached to themself by stating that Zerina's death was no-ones fault but Babidi's. Interesting... so if I follow an Animist around, and take advantage of that to kill someone, I am free of blame?

Also, Bards which may have been compulsed to support Babidid in the singing of Arias are guilty, since they have a choice - they may refuse to associate with Babidi. Fine, I agree with that point. However, Elysium had no choice but to make pills of Ze

rina/Babidi's storeroom which allowed Jhor to enter the storeroom and kill Zerina? Sorry - but Elysium DID have a choice there. Dont make the pills.

OK, I do not know if Elysium is or is not PW, but I find it strange to think that he (she?) would deliberately intend to trespass upon Zerina's storeroom, whilst she is inside of it to make pills, with the express intent of using those pills to blackm

ail her husband. So, either Elysium believed that Zerina would be prevented from attempting to stop this, either due to pacifism, or because the threat of being blacklisted for killing an Animist would prevent her. Elysium is conducting deliberately p

rovocative acts against Babidi and Zerina - if they should respond by slaying Elysium, then, I am sorry, but I fail to see where Babidi/Zerina would be wrong. Were Tukar or Zenichiro or Threap to be making pills of that stockroom, everyone would expec

t them to be attacked.

The question of choice seemed to be a big one with Elysium - compulsed bards have chosen to support Babidi, Zerina has the chosen not to abandon that which she loves. Elysium, it seems to me, has chosen to abandon the protections of Pacifism and the A

nimist Guild. Had ANY other person, save for an Animist, done what Elysium has, no-one would bat an eyelid at them being slain and stripped.

I would love to think that Babidi is a bad guy for his treatment of the Animists, but actions such as those of Elysium cast reasonable doubt upon the case against him.


Written by my hand on the 28th of Paglost, in the year 1042.