Ummm Pool Dweller?.

First off, i'm a bandit. I don't believe in honor, read help bandits sometime. Second off, Read help knighs sometime. Apparantly you never have. As far as how I fight or who i fight, coming from someone like you and the land that knows you. I don't s

ee why you bother even addressing me.

Keep your foul mouth comments to your tells complaining to people that aide when you try to jump with constantine in parrius. You can insult me and talk about how little I am and how i die, and i will ONCE AGAIN state i'm not a fighter, i've never be

en a fighter, i will never be a fighter. I'm a BANDIT, I've always been a BANDIT, and i will always be a BANDIT.

So the day you don't spend 90% of your time in the pool when people like zeni, arthor, flagg, cordon are around, and when you answer challenges to Threap and the other FIGHTERS, then you'll have room to try to degrad me BOY.

How's the water?

Tukar, etells on and washing Kes's mouth out with soap

Written by my hand on the 28th of Paglost, in the year 1042.