action and reaction.

If no one can see what is occurring here I suggest you sit down and look at the current situation between

babidi and the animists guild.

Zerina you are no way innocent of what is happening in this land.

Animists have now been forced to the wall and will eventually choose a side and come out fighting if this

continues. So be warned everyone that because of an individuals actions others will suffer here.

Would it be possible for Babidi and the Animists to sit down and try to work out exactly what is needed to

resolve this. And if no one wants to sit down and if this situation continues then expect the worse.

I for one am getting pretty narked at all this and I expect everyone else is as well.

Animists are not expected to res you or heal you or do anything for you, they do this out of their love for life.

If this is totally withdrawn from people, then whining starts (which has been happening).

So stop acting like children everyone and do something about this situation, remember by doing nothing you

by association will justify what is about to happen.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Paglost, in the year 1042.