Inshallah, Thief of the Nightto Everyone

Having just read through some of the BB messages just previous to this on I must say that I'm quite disturbed with the lack of distance some people/players/characters have put between them and the game This, I am sure, detracts from the forum style of the game in which people/freinds/associates can play out ROLES quite unlike their own. Roleplaying is akin to lying in that you're acting out an unreal speech or action. Those that can not in all faith say that any player of the game no matter their character is someone you know as well as a close freind, after all you do spend alot of time playing/fighting/dying together so if people could just be a little understanding enough to realise we are all just players of a game not the projectors of own true personality then perhaps Avalon will be a game played in the best of spirits, rather than the pitched insult hurling contest it seems to be for some. Sorry to see those that have big bills going and I hope fortune will bring you back to the Qw one day s

on. Calm down,relax,enjoy. Inshallah, Thief of the Night (for hire - have skills will travel)