Inshallah, Thief of the Nightto Everyone

Will one of the several barons who regularly log on please halt their own personal advancement for an hour oh so and stock some of the shops in their district of Avalon. Notable examples are the ]fletchers shop in Thebes with the herbshops in both cities and poison shop in Thebes being another three. In fact I would say that \"We have nothing to offer at present,call back later. \" is probably the most annoying message I recieve in the game,(With the possible exception of \" You are suddenly flung far across the land toward the smiling face of Trekker/Vortex/Etc Etc..... \") Anyhow please Barons do your elected duty and get the economy of avalon back on its feet huh? Inshallah, Thief of the Night (For hire - have skills will travel)