This sticky situation regarding the animists and the bards.

Bardess Eowyn, the Scalliwagto Everyone

In case there is anyone out here that is unaware of the current situation between the bards and the animists, the WHOLE GUILD is blacklisted.

The majority of the bards are friendly, peace-loving entertainers. The question then is, why are we all being punished for the actions of our guildmaster?

For anyone who may think otherwise, Babidi is a very GOOD guild master. Thus, when we say that we support his rights to act as he chooses, we are doing so because of our respect to him.

This does not mean that we approve of his actions in the slightest, but we honour his rights to live as he desires in the same way that he honours ours.

I became a bard after this whole mess started. As a mage, I glowed cloaks for animists, I was polite, and held their guild in repect.

I have never made an action against an animist. And yes, I have doused forest fires.

One of the reasons I became a bard was so that I could help others more easily. I am not a pacifist per se, as I will happily engage in mutual challenges.

However, I do not judge a person according to their city, but will act the same way to anyone that I can help regardless of their guild and city.

When I hear, however, that Trinity was told that if she wanted to go a brew that she had to change guild, I was appalled.

When has this ever happened to, say, the sorcerers? 'I'm sorry Solan/Drakath/Syl, you can't come to a brew unless you stop being a nasty evil sorcerer.'

The situation is a ridiculous one, and laughable to anyone not involved in it.

Quite frankly, Animists, I'm happy to be kept blacklisted. But there are other guild members who are not. Why not judge on a case by case basis, rather than lumping each and every one of us togther?

Yours, Eowyn, not too happy about the injustice of it all.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Cloudburst, in the year 1042.