P. S.

Bardess Trinityto Sir Duroc, Paladin

I'm all in favour of letting Babidi and the Animists sort this out for

themselves, it would certainly seem logical, but by denying all Bards

access to once freely, and even happily given privileges, that is no longer


Oh, and Drasnia, your post says it all: Take it up the arse, and take it hard

because you're human and life itsn't fair.

Well, you know where you can stick that! Life isn't fair? Pah! Then it's going

to be made fair, even if that means kicking a few people in the teeth.

The only reason people even venture to make such sweeping statements and

actions that the animists guild has, is because people like you, glibly

accept their lot in this harsh land we call Avalon. So sure, you carry on

that way, but don't try and impose that on others who quite blatantly won't

accept it.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Cloudburst, in the year 1042.