Tukar and Flaw my claw bug.

You 3 were affected by the bug I found in my clawing capabilities. I want all 3 of you to know that I did NOT know that using such bugs was illegal so to say or even that they should be reported. I am posting this public and sincere apology to all of

you! I know all of you hate my guts but aside from that I want you to accept my apology. And now that I know what a bug-file is don't know the process yet but I will laern it first thing, whenever I find a bug I will report it immediately and will N

OT usue it against anyone or anything. Thank you for reading my apolgy and explanation of my actions even though they are probably in vain. Once again I\"M SORRRY!

(arkamedius slumped,dumped,bumped,and lost)

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Cloudburst, in the year 1042.