Along with skills and abilities come responsibilities.

Notoriously, in Avalon individuals push those skills to their limits

and often don't particularly care about the consequences.

What makes Avalon so unique and great is over time changes have been made to

retain a \"balance\" so different paths can lead by individuals within the realm.

If you want to fight you can do, bloodlust exists to control the bigger more

skilled players from persecuting little ones (although there is a disturbing trend

of late for many little ones to be appearing equipped and skilled enough

to punch well above their \"bloddlust weight\").

There are temporary and more permanent forms of divine protection available

and many skills and safe places for people to rest unmolested.

The Animists have a powerful skill set with the potential for great interference

between those enjoying the combat side of Avalon.

At the very least there should be clear guidelines for their interaction

in ressing dead players, evoking peace, sealing forests etc - surely in this

respect we as mortals can work out whats reasonable and what isnt? Animists have a

role to play and thats fine but they should seek to get it right and not spoil

other people having mutual fun by fighting.

It seems to me losing fights no longer means ship rides and negative skills

as more often that not smaller players can throw themselves at larger ones, give plenty of bloodlust

when they die, get ress'd and come straight back for me.

(sorry should be more not me)

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midwinter, in the year 1042.