Sorcerer Sylto Everyone

Babidi chooses his path. It has repercussions.

The animists choose their path. It too has repercussions.

Hey - that's life.

If you attack the animists, don't expect them to help you or give you wurtfoil. If an animist (or anyone else) helps someone in battle, he/she can expect to be attacked alongside them. Make your choices and take the consequences.

The situation with Zerina and the Bards guild is perhaps going a bit far, but Zerina could leave Babidi. The Bards could elect a new guildmaster and remove Babidi. I expect that is what the animists want.

Of course, if the animists try and force such a change, they will have to live with the consequences. I expect Babidi could pressure on the younger animists to evict their guildmaster and chance the policy towards him.

If the animists were to withold wurtfoil from an ever increasing section of the community, it's always possible that an alternative source will be created by the gods to redress any imbalance created in the game.

So make your choices, accept the consequences and don't moan about it (well, not too much anyway).

Written by my hand on the 21st of Agamnion, in the year 1041.