I respect your right to choose your path in Avalon but the case with

Babidi just highlights a disturbing trend with current day Animists

Too often now there are instant resurrections even mid fight or portalling

people from combat without even asking the person if it is


Indeed it is often people who willing partake in combat who are the ones

being saved, and when pursued to the location the animist is in

peace is danced and the forests barred.

The lastes case was Elysium and the most worrying was the attitude

displayed - it is evident that some Animists are choosing this type of

interference as their method of exerting some influence in the land.

Well it is time the Animists took control of their guildmembers because it

is coming to the point where you going to make one enemy too many.

Rest assured you might find babidi and annoying enemy, as it was

previously pointed out there are many more potential ones out there

and you may well find it ends up being rather more than slightly annoying.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Agamnion, in the year 1041.