our wedding.

Blue Bathrobe Tathagresto Babidi, Master Bard

Dear Babidi,

I would talk to you, but you have your tells off..... so i do apologise folks, but i'll have to do it here.

I know that you are merciless in your killings, burnings and strippings of things and people. But i really did not think that your heart ruled your head, and that you would behave so violently because you were not invited to a wedding.

There were quite a few people that didn't attend, but no-one else seemed to take exception and feel the urge to kill either Sir Duroc or myself, because of it.

I know that may not have been the real reason for you unsolicited attack, but i cannot think for one moment that you have any honour or dignity left in you, to do that to anyone.

I hope you are feeling happy and pleased with yourself, for almost ruining someone elses happy day, because make the most of it, your days will be numbered.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Cloudburst, in the year 1041.