An aside to bashes and young...

Creal, Six-Gun Banditto Brother Cimares

In addition to your statement, I'd also find it very interesting to see

how the young will react in any combat situation without the use of a

pentacle item. As the only guilds without the ability to summon a pentacle

after these new policies inception, seem to number just the Bandits and

Rangers, who I think tend to use it very infrequently anyway, the only ones

that would really be hurt ARE the young. Maybe this will mean theyll

actually take the time to LEARN the skills of their chosen profession,

instead of relying on the LMs skillset.

In fact, Yairi, I wouldnt be all that sad really to see a reduction in quite

a few of the different charged items available. Especially astralbond,

summon and traverse. Just a suggestion. *wink*

Creal thinks guilds should rely on their OWN skills.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Mournsend, in the year 1041.