I thank you for your apology, though I demanded none and didn't expect one.

I must say, I didn't do anything to protect Lamothe, but allowed the Thakrian

process to run its own course, though some appeared to think otherwise.

The ruling posted by Lord Arthor is that no member of my order shall be

allowed to retain Thakrian citizenship. I think this clearly states that

Lamothe was thrown out purely because of her individual beliefs and choices.

You say she made poor decisions and ultimately hurt the city and its members.

Well, I disagree, she did what she could when she was ejected from her

positions for being in my order (no other reason) and any hurt that came to

the city was through actions of others. In fact, I would go so far as to say

that I believe these aren't even your own words from your own observance of

the course of matters. They couldn't be as you are fully aware of the facts.

I believe you voice the opinion of another who was not present during the

sequence of events discussed and saw the harm that has been done to Thakria

by this contrevercial decision and, along with many, has decided to blame Lamothe

for their own failings.

I repeat, I accept your apology, but I did not ask for a public apology or

expect one. If any of your comrades who also accused me of interference and

misled you on the matter care now to stand up and be counted also, then I might

think more highly of them. Then again, I might not.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Hindyear, in the year 1040.