You appear to be mistaken or mislead, as neither myself, nor my city has made any demands of Parrius.

If you speak of my inquiries as to a treaty, then I've made no secret that I've spoken to one of your Custodians about peace.

As you were not present at the talks I suggest perhaps there has been some confusion as to what was said.

I will make it perfectly clear to you, your city, and to all of Avalon, Mercinae desires peace.

As you have stated rather bluntly, You are the victor and we are the defeated. As such we merely wish the same courtesy that has been given to every invaded city in the history of Avalon, to be left in peace to rebuild.

We've committed no agressive or hostile acts and have made no demands. We merely wish for peace. Thereby, effective immediately, I am declaring a state of peace between our cities as a sign of non-agression and friendship.

I hope this has made clear to you our genuine desire for peace, and that you and the rest of the representatives of the Parrian people would help us to end any hostilities and quash any ill-feelings between us.

Laslow of Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1040.