Apollo, the god of lightto Babidi, Master Bard

I thank you for not attacking further in my temple as you so stated. I

wish that the sanctity of temples was more widely recognised.

I note with distaste, however, Llavendar's claims of you spitting olvar so

that you may take out your own form of justice and retribution on someone you

deem to have wronged you. I refer you to HELP SADISM and fully back both Llavendar's

plea and Lamothe's response. If you want to ship someone go ahead and do it, if

you want to repeatedly kill someone then you must expect those of good conscience

to get involved.

As you have publicly declared your intent to attack lamothe, an Animist and

also a follower of mine, and in the absence of the deities of life, to which the

profession has chosen to turn to me for guidance, I hereby give all Animists the

right to use all means in their powers to protect themselves and others against you.

You can't say I haven't warned you previously, you know I have.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Skyelong, in the year 1040.