in response.

Lady Lamotheto Babidi, Master Bard

I chose not to answer your tells. Just because you have reached a level where etells will not stop your insane tells to me, does not mean that I have to reply to them.

So please don't say that I \"couldn't\" answer you, when the truth is rather ... Why should I waste my time or energy in responding to anything you have to say? Or - give you any fuel to spin whatever new tale or fantasy you dream up.

You do not, nor will you ever govern me Babidi. You do not make up the rules for everyone you come into contact with, just so it will suit your personal preferences.

Last time I checked, you were a Bard and not an Animist. Wouldn't you be better served in concentrating on how Bards should comport themselves rather than someone from another guild?

As far as your repetitive attempts to accuse me of interfering with your combat ... it has passed the point of being laughable to one of which you are sounding like a spoilt child who cannot get their way.

Just because you keep throwing tantrums and acting like the worst 2 year old, does ot mean I am going to respond to it.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1040.