Ranger enemies of Parrius?.

Ranger Wyldefyre Wara's Wuving Wifeto Everyone

Heard the Ranger Guild is now the enemies of parrius because one of our younger ones apparently said we had orders to \"kill all parrians\".

That simply isnt so.

As Deputy GM of the Rangers, I want Parrius to understand we were shocked and dismayed on your attack on an All Avalon Guildhouse, for no reason other than we were associated with Merc (Grove Tavern being in city, and former prince GM of Rangers)

We are an ALL Avalon Guild, and will remain so.

If I need to apologize for a misplaced word or a misunderstanding I will. I want this petty war to end.

Lets get some peace in this land people for once this season??

Extending an olive branch

Wyldefyre of the Rangers Guild


Written by my hand on the 26th of Paglost, in the year 1040.