Sorry your ignorant evil mind din't notice the strapping sarcasm in my post-dying-of-laughter-syndrome, brought on by your first post. Now I need to drink some more beer to keep my wits as your second post is even funnier!*Muha*

Anywho I'd rather just talk to you on the tells but you seem to be ignoring me,Ow I'm hurt. Thought we had something going*Wink* I know how you evil wenches like it.....DEEP AND HARD!*rofl*

Anywho keep your chin up and don't fret Mercinae will be back in your face here pretty quick. Any and all person's from Parrius diregard this post namely Zeni!

Anyway Adric, give me a call we'll do lunch! Cheerio!

For the Greenwood and the Light!

Written by my hand on the 25th of Leaflost, in the year 1039.