last post.


That truly is the most hilarious post I have seen in the public span! Cheers for you r ignorant humor my half-witted evil brother!*grin* Well since your so proud of that let me tell you about mighty Psy! He tossed aside the evil and retarded ways of y

ou r city for the holy way of the Light! He has been most welcome and most helpful in every way! It's too bad you couldn't have kept him really he is awesome! One of my best friends now and a prominent upcoming citizen in Mercinae.

So cheers to your ignorance and farewell to Vesirells and most of all Hurray for Mighty Psy! Thrakia's trees tremble with his coming!

Long Live Mercinae Truly the Heartbreak of Thrakia!

For the Greenwood and the Light!

P. S. Psy you know your're the man!*grin*

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 1039.