and Huzow.

I have tried to speak with you in person, because quite frankly... I think this is silly and I am not comfortable in posting and arguing back and forth on the bb... so to answer what will hopefully be your last question to me in this forum... the answ

er is this...

Whenever possible, I fashioned items in the stalls out of things I collected, taking from the city only when absolutely necessary to fashion items. The NW stalls were a tricky thing... several people went in at will and took what they needed all the t

ime. & I also gave fighters in our city large amounts of herbs and poisons all the time. Since I was the only one supplying the herbs and poisons to that stall for quite sometime... I would not have felt right to use anything from the city to supply o

thers. So since I did choose to do these things... I made absolutely sure everything WAS above board so there would never be a question about WHAT I did with them.

Huzow, I regret that you feel that way... even more so... I regret your tunnelvision and what I feel to be shortsightedness. You are however entitled to your opinion and I for one thank you for sharing it with us all... for I truely believe there is g

reater strength in diversity as long as their is a common goal as well.

I am sorry if I have ever actioned in anyway this city going to hell without me... I would hate to think I was that arrogant. I in no way feel that way. Perhaps if you could find what I said to make you feel this way I can address it, or at least lear

n from it so I don't make the same mistake of ever making anyone feel that their work in this city is not only viable but appreciated and that we work together as a team to succeed. (I really would like to know which action you are talking about... pl

ease msg me the action#? or post if you must)


Written by my hand on the 18th of Midsummer, in the year 1039.