Your sheer, utter, and frankly disgusting ignorance.

Well kes, seems you've embarrased yourself again eh?

I'd like to point out, that despite your remarks about parrius being an \"east thakria\", parrius is quite independent

THe questioning of zenichiro was not due to dissatisfaction with him as a field marshall, but because he razed the rangers guild. So don't try to twist it into another meaningless plot against you kes.

You probably think of me as some whining brat who always meddles in others business, don't you? well, tho i may do that at times, this time you offended thakria

If that small, but crazy little mind of yours thinks zenichiro has Thakrian \"thugs\", you must be more ignorant than i imagined possible

I was with zeni when a large group of mercs decided to have some fun with mag rits. There was only one thakrian who started out with that group, but some more decided to join in to watch a massacre of mercdale

So, before your utterly retarted words leave that unholy tounge of yours, you may want to think with whatever brain cells haven't been knocked out of you about what your saying

Toranaga, Confused as Ever

Written by my hand on the 6th of Paglost, in the year 1039.