Ranger Guild.

Wyldefyre Wara's Wuving Wifeto Everyone

My apologies to Ragar, but I feel I must post this

Rumours are flying through Avalon that the Ranger Guild supported Mercinae in their war efforts by stashing comms.

This is simply not true.

Also, the same people stated, The Ranger Guild is a Merc Guild. We have many citizens of Mercinae, but we also have citizens from Parrius, Thakria and Springtown, The Greenwood and beyond

We are an avalon guild, and we are neutral

The rumours of us moving comms into the treetops to avoid invasion are also untrue. Some of our rangers moved their stuff to treetops for safety and were immediately told they could not do this.

Their comms if left in the treetops were confiscated, as others can tell you.

We never did move any comms out of mercinae. We are a Neutral Guild and have no point in this war.

My post is long enough.

For the Glory of the Greenwood

Wyldefyre - Proud to be a Ranger

Written by my hand on the 18th of Mournsend, in the year 1039.