Lord Silvanus, the Lupine of Vengeanceto Everyone

Lady Inshallah, the purpose of my missive was not to attract the most benevolent and enlightening gaze of Olympus, but rather to preach to the mortal populace of Avalon of what, in my estimation, were better times.

If I have offended ye gods, I do humbly apologize, because I know that I, in comparison to your collective and individual wisdom, am but a bit of rubbish blowing in the Divine Wind.

Of course I realise that I am partly at fault for this because I invoked the awesome name of the Divine Ones in my initial post, and from this I have learned a valuable lesson.

So, in closing, my rantings and ravings are simply the rambling thoughts of an old and abused man, who felt the need to vent about his fate on the public boards to the mortals of Avalon.

I by no means wanted, want, nor will want to ever be \"zapped simply for being a whiner. \"

If my frail, old mortal mind is to understand your post properly though, it seems that you agree with my assessment, and for this small bit of acknowledgement I am eternally grateful.

If, however, I am wrong, I apologize for being presumptious.

Forever I remain,

Silvanus, Eternal Servant of Our Vengeful Lady

Written by my hand on the 30th of Agamnion, in the year 1038.